Daniel Roth Automatic Date 176 Grey Dial

Daniel Roth Automatic Date 177 Grey Dial

Daniel Roth was born into a family of horological experts – his grandfather and great-grandfather were both watchmakers based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. As a result, Daniel’s childhood was spent in a watchmaking repair shop in the South of France, where he was naturally exposed to the world of watchmaking from a young age.

Daniel Roth was a highly skilled watchmaker who made significant contributions that are often overlooked today. He was instrumental in establishing the design language of Breguet dress watches that are popular today. In the 1960s and 70s, Breguet was a struggling watch brand with an uncertain future until Chaumet acquired it and appointed Daniel Roth as its leader. During his time there, he created the master piece reference 3130, which featured a guilloche dial and straight lugged case, setting the tone for Breguet’s design language. Additionally, Daniel Roth played a crucial role in developing complex movements for Lemania, which until recently supplied chronograph calibers to renowned brands such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin.

The Daniel Roth Automatic Date watch, reference number 176, is designed for men and features a stainless steel watch case with a diameter of approximately 36mm x 38mm, the steel double-ellipse case of the watch is a distinctive feature that embodies the signature style of Daniel Roth. Its shape is a unique blend of round and rectangular elements. The watch is both bold and comfortable to wear, thanks to its slim profile of only 7.7mm thickness.


Daniel Roth Automatic Date 177 Grey Dial

The Daniel Roth Automatic Date 176 watch is a manually assembled timepiece that runs on an automatic caliber created by Daniel Roth and based on the Girard Perregaux 3100 movement (signed GPM). This caliber is expertly crafted with 27 jewels, Côtes de Genève finishing, a power reserve of 46 hours, a 28,800 A/h oscillating balance, and polished screw heads. All these features come together to showcase the epitome of fine watchmaking.

On the dial, ‘DANIEL ROTH’ signature at the 12 o’clock position. The watch’s stepped bezel and sharp, straight lugs contribute to the powerful presence of the dial, which combines simplicity and refinement to create an everlasting captivating scene defined by lines and curves.

The main function of the watch, besides telling time, is represented by the date aperture located at 6 o’clock. This aperture aesthetically deviates from the signature sub dial at 6, and features a bidirectional ‘quick-set’ date that can be easily adjusted by moving the screw down crown forwards or backwards. A subtle ‘Swiss’ engraving can be found underneath the date, hinting at the watch’s origin in the Vallée de Joux.

The stunning attention to detail is evident in features such as the partly gold rotor visible through the open sapphire caseback, the Daniel Roth signature and unique number on the caseback, signed tang buckle in steel with a pattern that matches the watch’s dial.

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Daniel Roth出生在一個製錶專家家族中他的祖父和曾祖父都是瑞士紐沙特爾的製錶師。因此,丹尼爾的童年時光是在法國南部的一家製錶維修店度過的,從小就自然地接觸到了製錶世界。


丹尼爾·羅斯(Daniel Roth)是一位高度技術嫻熟的製錶師,他為現今被廣泛使用的Breguet正裝手錶的設計語言做出了重大貢獻。在20世紀60年代和70年代,Breguet是一個前途未卜的手錶品牌,直到Chaumet收購了它, 並任命Daniel Roth為領導人。在他任職期間,創建了傑作參考3130,該參考型號具有鑲嵌繡花錶盤和直立耳式錶殼,為Breguet的設計語言奠定了基調。此外,DanielRoth在為Lemania開發複雜機芯方面發揮了至關重要的作用,Lemania直到最近一直向著名品牌如百達翡麗和江詩丹頓供應計時碼錶。


這枚Daniel Roth自動日期手錶,參考編號176,是專為男士設計的,採用不銹鋼手錶殼,直徑約為36mm x 38mm,手錶的雙橢圓形錶殼是Daniel Roth獨特風格的標誌性特徵。它的形狀是圓形和矩形元素的獨特結合。這款手錶既大膽又舒適,厚度僅為7.7mm


Daniel Roth自動日期176手錶是手工裝配的時計,配備由Daniel
創建並基於Girard Perregaux 3100機芯(Signed GPM)運行的自動機芯。這個機芯精湛地打造了27顆寶石,Côtes de Genève磨光飾面,46小時動力儲備,28,800振動頻率,以及拋光螺絲頭。所有這些特點共同展示了卓越的精密製錶工藝。


表盤上,12點位置有‘DANIEL ROTH’名。手錶的分層錶圈和銳利的直立耳凸顯出表盤的強烈存在感,簡單和精致相結合,創造了一個由線條和曲線刻劃出的永恆迷人的場景。




手錶的精美細節可見於部分金質自動陀,透過開放式藍寶石錶背可見,錶背上的Daniel Roth和獨特編號,以及帶有與手錶表盤相匹配圖案的鋼製扣釦。

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Daniel Roth Automatic Date 177 Grey Dial